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Greek Olive Oil - What makes it unique


Greek Olive Oil - What makes it unique


There are many different varieties of olive trees all over the world which generate olives that vary in color, size, composition and taste. Consequently this stands also for the olive oil produced from their seeds. In our homeland, Greece there is a unique variety of seeds that in combination with the Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by very hot and dry summer and moderately cold and wet winter, as well as the unpolluted soil results in the production of the finest olive oils in the world.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of olive varieties in the world, the finest Greek olive oil is extracted mainly from one type of olive; the “royal” type, the smallest variety of Kalamata, also known as “Koroneiki”.  The olive “Koroneiki” got lawlessness in the town of Koroni Messenia. From there was spread mainly by the Venetians, in many parts of Greece, but mainly in Peloponnesus and Crete, were trees older than 2000 years grow.

The Greek olive oil is the healthiest oil that we can devour in terms of nutrition. A proper and balanced diet contains essential olive oil daily. The aroma and flavor that gives all the dishes are unique. In addition multiple preventive and therapeutic purposes have been proved many times.

Greek olives and especially the Koroneiki variety, are recognized for their smoother taste, than those grown in the rest Mediterranean countries, and for the golden-green shade that they luminous the olive oil. The olive oil from Koroneiki variety is being highly praised for its mild, juicy and fresh taste. Culinary artists from all over the world highly value the Greek Olive oil for the freshness and the discrete olive aroma that signatures any dish.

Koroneiki variety of olives is mainly present in south Peloponnesus and in a few areas of Crete.

Greek Olive oil is the finest in the world as:

1. Olives are harvested when there are still green in order to ensure the title of “early picked” or “green” olive oils.

2. They are a result of unique methods of farming. In other agricultural areas the common production of olive oil is about 10lt per tree, while the Koroneiki variety produces only 1-3 lt of the purest golden-green juice. The quantity is less but in return we get an exceptionally high quality product.

3. Last but not least, the Greek olive oils don’t have the very heavy smell that we regularly meet in other Extra Virgin Olive Oils. On the contrary, they are characterized for their superior fresh olive taste that reflects the sunny climate of Greece.

Thus  Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is produced from the Koroneiki selection is fairly ranked as the world's first.

Olives grown in Kalamata

The Kalamata olive is a large, black olive with a smooth, meaty texture named after the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese, Greece. Often used as a table olive, they are usually preserved in wine vinegar or olive oil.
Kalamata olives enjoy PDO status.


1.        Kalamata olives are named after the city of Kalamata in Messinia, southern Greece, near where they are grown. They are also grown in nearby Laconia.

2.        They are an almond-shaped, plump, dark purple olive, from a tree distinguished from the common olive by the size of its leaves, which grow to twice the size of other olive varieties.

3.        The trees are intolerant of cold and are susceptible to Verticillium  wilt and resistant to olive knot and the Olive fruit fly.

Kalamata olives key facts:

1.        Kalamata olives cannot be harvested green, and must be hand-picked in order to avoid bruising.

2.        Olive oil produced from the Kalamata olive has a faintly grassy flavor.

3.        Kalamata olives are protected under the European Protected Geographical Status .

The main products generated from Kalamata olives are Table Olives and Olive paste.

Axion Esti Olive Products origin from Kalamata.
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